A CI Sojourn is an awe-inspiring and humbling journey.

Since 1998, CI-Sojourns VIP Travel Program has offered its closest friends and supporters a rare opportunity to see and feel what we do, to fully understand the challenges and joys of field-based conservation, and to become engaged with CI’s work at a very personal and visceral level. These Sojourns are not off-the-shelf packaged tours, but rather specially customized expeditions designed to meet the interests and requirements of each unique set of travelers. We work with small groups (1-10 people) and provide our own staff experts as guides. We design tours to any of the countries where CI is active, and indeed beyond these to other hotpot and wilderness regions.

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Conservation International’s philosophy since its founding has been to take action where it counts the most - on the ground where biodiversity and human well-being are at greatest risk, in Earth’s biodiversity hotspots and major wilderness areas. The only way to truly feel the magnificence of these natural areas and understand the needs and nuances of the local stakeholders whose livelihoods depend on their upkeep, is through first-hand experience. Over the years we have learned that people become viscerally engaged with our work when they have had life-changing experiences with nature in these places. CI-Sojourns has taken hundreds of CI’s closest friends and supporters on dozens of custom designed expeditions to see and experience the world’s most spectacular wilderness areas and wildlife spectacles. A Sojourn expedition with CI will give you a fresh perspective - a new appreciation of the natural world and your place in it.


See nature through the eyes of world class conservationists.

Sojourns are guided by CI's conservation experts whose years of experience and interpretive skills give you an enlightening and unique perspective. You will share in the challenges, victories, and joys of field-based nature conservation. You will gain an in-depth understanding of what CI does, why we do it, and how local efforts counteract global scale hazards like climate change. You will learn how your own actions affect the world around you and how to minimize that impact. And you will have the chance to connect with indigenous peoples whose very existence is intertwined with the natural resources on which they rely.


Witness the challenges facing our Planet and its inhabitants.

Earth now faces the most serious environmental challenges in its history. As ecological destruction continues, biodiversity is lost - sometimes forever. As we come to grips with this reality, we can no longer deny our own role in harming nature and our connectedness to the whole of life on Earth. In humankind lies both the cause and solution to biodiversity loss - we must embrace our role as agents of change. CI works in those places that are most threatened and most remarkable: biodiversity hotspots and wilderness areas. Traveling with CI-Sojourns to these areas give you a first-hand look at the threats to nature and at what CI is doing to counteract them.

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